Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lesson 27: What Worked?

So, how did Lesson 27 go? What topics led to the most interesting discussion? What pointers can you give?


  1. Actually, I was really glad I read the link to BCC you posted last week, because I'm on a rotating schedule with another teacher and only teach every other week, but this past Sunday I got a call before church asking if I could fill in. I was glad I had a chance to give it all some thought before hand, because at the time I was getting three children fed and dressed for church.

    The lesson went well though, we discussed why the Lord would allow such horrific things happen to His covenant people--those who had been selected to build up Zion. There's that verse in section 101 (I don't have my scriptures in front of me right now so I don't remember the verse number) that speaks of there being jarrings, contentions, and lustful desires among the saints--things that were not really conducive to a group of people who had covenanted to live consecration. We discussed what happens when we break our covenants, that the Lord doesn't inspire others to commit sin to punish us, but that He does remove His protection from us. We spent a good deal of time talking about how the Lord protects us now, since we really don't deal with being driven from our homes and cities so much. We discussed the protection the Holy Ghost provides, some class members shared some profound experiences, and that led to a discussion about what happens when we break our covenants and lose the Spirit and the protection it provides, and how that is when we find ourselves being chastised, as a way to lead us back to obedience.

    We ran out of time then, but I promised we would talk more about chastisement (such a fun principle!) next week.

  2. Teacher, no posts lately, did you get released?

  3. I'm a sunday school teacher for 12-13yrs.of age. we r not a smooth run class two of my girls openly admit that they do not believe in god and are always talking about boys from their school. It is very distracting to the sprirt of the class. Sometimes i just want to tell them if you don't believe, then go tell that to your father and ask not to come to class any more. I know that this is not what i should do>>>>> So any seggestion?


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