Monday, July 13, 2009

Lesson 26: What Worked?

So, I focused my lesson primarily on Thomas Marsh and his ups and downs with the Joseph Smith and the Church. I engaged in more story-telling that I usually do, and did not get a lot of discussion. Everyone seems to know the "cream strippings" story (it did figure prominently in the apostasy lesson), so I think my lesson added some depth and complexity to Thomas Marsh's character and relationship to the Church.

How about you? How did you approach this lesson? What was particularly interesting to your class?

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  1. What became interesting to the class was the phrase in v. 11, "Be not partial towards them in love above many others."

    We had a really fruitful discussion about loving without partiality which led to some very powerful personal experiences in which people shared how they are struggling to love someone who had offended or hurt them. It blossomed into a discussion on forgiveness and mercy.

    What I wish we would have more time to discuss (we went over as it was) was v. 13. The correlation between conversion and healing, what it means for the Lord to feel after us, etc.

    Another time, I guess.


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