Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lesson 20: What Worked?

I did not teach last week, but attended the lesson. I think lesson 76 offers some very interesting and challenging ideas. Our lesson, however, was very straightforward. It had some nice thoughts, but nothing too far below the surface.

How about you? What was your lesson like? What resonated with you? With your class? How would you do it differently?


  1. Our class is on lesson 20 this week. I've been out of town for the past two weeks, so attended other classes for lessons 18 & 19. Both provided little beyond standard recitation of lesson materials.

    In researching material for my presentation of lesson 20 this week I found an interesting source: David Ridge's "The Plan of Salvation: From Premortality to Exaltation". It has extensive Q&As examining the plan in detail. I am planning to adapt Ridge's excellent pre-test as a general review and focus for ongoing individual study.

    Also, if you haven't already done so, pick up the Deseret Book 17 CD collection published this year of talks titled: "Joseph Smith's Prophetic Ministry: A Year-by-Year Look at His Life and Teachings". The 17 speakers are church historians, most of whom have contributed in some way to the "Joseph Smith Papers" publication. My wife and I listened to 5 of the talks covering 1805 through 1832 on our return drive from Utah to Colorado. Each is over 1-hour in length. They are marvelous! Wonderful historical background is provided and great insights on Joseph's revelations. This is a tremendous study resource. I highly recommend it.

  2. Thanks for the references, Doug. I'll certainly be checking those out.

  3. I will definitely look into the CD series. It sounds great!

  4. Started off this lesson by blowing people's minds with description of the Celestial Kingdom from D&C 130 and the teachings there that there are kingdoms higher than the Celestial Kingdom. That was enough to shake us out of our "been there, done that" thoughts about the kingdoms of glory and then focused on the difference between salvation and exaltation.

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