Monday, June 8, 2009

Gospel Doctrine Lesson 21: What Worked?

OK, I thought the lesson on the the signs of the last days was kind of hard to present in an interesting way. That said, I actually thought some of the ideas in the manual were kind of good this week. I will try to include some of them in comments later.

But how about you? What worked in your lesson? How did you present this material?


  1. I taught this lesson last week and it was probably one of my best this year. I rearranged things things somewhat. I started with the parable of the fig tree which is in 3 of the standard works -- which says to me "pay attention". Then a very quick review of the signs of the times and which have happened, which are underway, and which are in the future.

    Then, a review of the three appearances of the Savior leading up to the Millennium: Adam-ondi-Ahman, Jerusalem / Mt of Olives, and then to the entire world in glory. Then a quick review of the morning and afternoon of the first resurrection day. That lead into a great discussion of what life will be like during the Millennium. Lastly, how we must prepare for the 2nd coming and for the calamities that will precede it.

  2. One more thing -- if you will be teaching the Word of Wisdom lesson, be sure to read the short book by John A. Widtsoe: The Word of Wisdom -- a Modern Interpretation. Very insightful.

  3. Thanks, LiahonaGirl. I read Widstoe's book long ago, but will try to find it (!) and look it over again. Good tip.


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