Monday, May 25, 2009

Lesson 19: What Worked?

So, this week I tried a modified version of the "attention activity" suggested in the manual. I used a picture puzzle, but instead of using it to talk about understanding the whole plan, I used it to talk about how and when different pieces of the Plan of Salvation were revealed or otherwise learned by Joseph Smith. We talked about the creation, fall, free agency and inklings of premortality in the Book of Mormon, specific revelations in the D&C, and aspects of temple ordinances taught in Nauvoo. With each component of the plan, I showed a part of the puzzle. Then I talked about how our understanding of the Plan of Salvation followed the same pattern as the restoration generally. I think it made for an interesting discussion of how we now understand the "Plan."

What about you? How did you teach the lesson? What worked for you?


  1. That's a great idea on the puzzle. I tossed the idea right out, too hastily, thinking the logistics and organization required were just too difficult for me.

    My wife (as I've stated before) is my harshest critic, and I eagerly await her reviews after each lesson. She gave me the thumbs up on the lesson, despite the fact that I went into the actual Greek and Hebrew definition of eternity (aeon and olam, respectively - a period of time, a duration). I won't bother you with why.

    But I will tell you that when you are preparing a lesson, you all must fight the urge to take the class with you through the Classical Greek and Hebrew dictionaries. It's cool to do it when you are prepping. But man, if you think they are going to enjoy it, you are as out of touch as I am. Well, actually, you will win over some high priests, but you risk losing all of your sisters.

    And you'll realize that you are a show-off. Knowing my fragile ego, my wife didn't bring all that to my attention, but she didn't have to, hehe.

  2. Easton: I completely agree. I often have to fight the urge to explore what I think (wrongly or rightly) the super-spohisticated approach to the lesson. I think of it in terms of having an eye single to the glory of God. I have to remember to focius on what Heavenly Father wants the lesson to be about, not what I think is really cool and interesting.


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