Monday, May 11, 2009

Gospel Doctrine Lesson 17: What Worked?

OK, after a minor controversy at GDU about whether new insights could be offered on tithing, tell us how it went. What did you talk about? Did you get into the definition of tithing in the 1830s vs. today? Did you resolve the gross vs. net problem?

Share you success stories here!


  1. Going throught the odd history of tithing and fast day especially in Utah was pretty fun. It actually generated many genuine (not rhetorical) questions from the class, which for me, is more fun than fielding responses to questions.

  2. I started by comparing economic conditions following the Panic of 1837 to what we are experiencing today. If the Law of Tithing was appropriate in 1838, how much more so today!

  3. I'm a week or so behind the blog.

    We had a good discussion about surplus property. I read through the LDS Anarchy post about this (part 2). I was dismayed by a post from PallasAthena, who totally disagreed with everything a member of the bishopric responded.

    Some members of my class came to a similar conclusion: that surplus property requirement was specific to the time & people of the revelation. As such, we're not required to give this property.

    I have a slightly different view. It's quite difficult to determine 'surplus property.' Considering the rules of provident living - we must store and save for a raining day. Beyond items no longer used with no foreseeable use in the furture (i.e., stuff that can be donated to DI, for example), there is no surplus until were, well, dead. In that case, I think the Church has set up programs to allow estates to deed property & wealth to the Church. Only then do we have an opportunity to fully donate our surplus without endangering our ability fulfill other commandments of self sufficiency.


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