Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Getting Started on Gospel Doctrine Lesson 15: Spiritual Gifts

Lesson 15 is on spiritual gifts. Here is one of my all-time favorite talks on the topic by Elder Dallin Oaks. Keepaptichinin has its regular compilation of older materials here. And for those of you unfamiliar with it, here is an oldie but a goodie: The Church Educational System Institute Manual on the Doctrine and Covenants, with section by section analysis. Check out the chapter on Section 46.

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  1. I keep asking myself, how devoted to a specific subject must I be to be a good teacher, or to have a good lesson? In other words, do I need to be excited about a subject to have a good lesson? If I just can't feel the fire about something will the lesson be crap?

    The answer to the last question is probably no, but I can't say I'm not concerned about it.

    This has dominated my thoughts about lesson 15 for the last week and a half. What is there to be excited about?

    What HAS increased my enthusiasm, is the fact that Moroni ended the Book of Mormon on a discussion of spiritual gifts. If I were compiling what I thought was one of the most (if not THE most) important book ever written in the last 1000 years, I don't know if I'd end on a long discussion of spiritual gifts. But there it is. Why?


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