Monday, March 16, 2009

Gospel Doctrine Lesson 12: The Gathering of My People

Here are some materials to start your preparations of Lesson 12, "The Gathering of My People." This link has an interesting summary of the history of “gathering” by Global Mormonism, a BYU project that compiles scholarly research on the LDS Church. The old lesson materials at Keepapitchinin contain some good questions and nice tidbits, including a story of Lucy Mack Smith leading a group of early converts to Kirtland (with a bit more detail than the Our Heritage version). And, finally, here is an old Ensign article by Milton Backman on the Ohio period. Its scholarly tone struck me as quite different from what you see in the Ensign today.

Of course, if you know of good resources for this lesson, please share!


  1. Hi Teacher,
    I have posted my lesson outline for Section 37 and 38 which is about the gathering... if you are interested it is on my BLOG. There is a really great quote from Joseph Smith and Russell M. Nelson you might be interested in. Good luck.

  2. Thanks, ITD. I will check it out.

    For other readers, you can find In the Doghouse's blog by clicking on her picture under the follower's of GDU (left).


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