Friday, February 6, 2009

Job Description

Like many of the characters who appear in the early revelations of the Doctrine of Covenants, Hyrum Smith felt drawn the the work his brother was doing. Like others, he asked Joseph to seek a revelation for him. Section 11 is Hyrum's revelation.

I'll bet Hyrum was expecting something more interesting and dramatic than he got. Mostly the Lord told him to get ready. For what? The revelation did not say. In one verse, it did say

Behold this is your work, to keep my commandments with all your might, mind and strength. (D&C 11:20).

I think this verse is perfect for some interesting class discussion. What questions would you ask to get the discussion going? What are your thoughts about this verse?


  1. Hello,
    Just found your blog from the comment you made at BCC.

    About this verse, a few thoughts: first, it is interesting that the revelation refers to keeping the commandments as "work." I think we usually don't think of keeping the commandments in those terms. But it does require effort.

    Second, and I don't know if this is what the revelation meant to Hyrum, but one thing it means to me is that keeping the commandments is more than just avoiding evil. I think we sometimes think of it that way- "thou shalt not...." But with the higher law that we have, keeping the commandments entails much more than this- it requires actively doing good, loving and serving others, etc.

    About this lesson, I thought it was interesting that sections 6 and 11 begin with several verses that are identical (or nearly so). But then the revelation includes some specific things for individuals. This reminded me that the basic gospel plan is the same for everyone, and yet we each have our own unique gifts and contributions to make. The gospel really comes to life when we seek, receive, and follow the personal revelation that Heavenly Father is ready to give when we are ready.

    Just my did the lesson go, and what are your thoughts on these verses?

  2. Jim: Thanks for your thoughts. This verse really struck me as a powerful reminder to Hyrum (and us) of what the Lord wants from us. You fleshed out more fully a lot of what I was thinking. I also thought this is that it was a reminder that callings come and go, specific assignments change. These are kind of transitory things. What is really critical is that we follow the plan, i.e., keep the commandments. That is what our real work is in this life.

    In addition, when I am searching for an answer to a specifc question, or want guidance on particulalr issue, the answer is often pretty basic, and could be subsumed in the statement, "Keep the commandments with all your might, mind and strength."

    I think the introductory passage is kind of intriguing, too. If you have time comment on my earlier post, "Dividing Asunder Joint and Marrow," I would be interested in any additional thoughts.


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